Thanks to our big experience in the construction and die board forms production in the past few years before the company set up and specialized software and innovative technologies usage we can achieve highest quality that meets the needs of the most delicate clients.


We produce die board forms for all kinds of die board machines that use flat die board forms for die cutting paper, cardboard, rolling stickers, plastics, leather and other materials.



The company MG-Laser owns an intelligent cad-cam system for projection of different kind of cardboard and wavy stickers wrapping made according to the ESMA and FEFKO standards.


For the die board base we use panels of Finnish birch 12, 15 and 18 mm.


All the different types of knives, perforations are from the Swedish company Sandvik , that is a leader in that field.


Ласерски сечена форма


Cutting of the die board forms is performed with a laser machine from the last generation with auto focus that eliminates the unevenness of the panel board and has a possibility for channel width regulation that enables die board forms exploitation for a longer time period


Автоматски обликувани ножеви


Knives’ forming is made with auto bender and other machines from top class Japanese producers.


Правилно избрана одбивна гума


The reflecting rubber which is one of the most important factors of a laser die board is from the German company Appel that is a leader producer for the reflecting rubber for die board forms. 


If you are in need of training for your employees in the areas of:

-  Die cutting

-  Molding

-  Gilting

-  Sticking

-  Plastification

-  Cellophasation


Our team consisted of highly experienced experts with an experience from well known local and European companies from the graphic industries are at your disposal and are available to train your team …